Alhambra Palace Parking Info

Visitors who come by car to visit the Palace of Alhambra may often need a parking space near Alhambra to let their vehicles stand there. Here are some options to explore. 

The public parking lot is a well-equipped area for visitors coming on a day trip to Granada and visiting Alhambra. 

The Alhambra parking area is around 300 meters from the Main gate.

There are different areas allotted for cars, buses, and caravans to park near Alhambra.

The Alhambra palace parking area has four zones, one for buses and caravans and the other three for cars.

They are numbered P1, P2, P3, and P4 and allocated for the cars.

At the entrance, it displays which zone is empty and which is not.

At the Alhambra palace, the parking cost is € 2.35 per hour.

Alhambra parking fee being a bit expensive, you may choose to park in Granada city, assuming you can park your vehicle for free.

Private cars can access the Ronda Sur. You will have to go to the Granada ring road, Southward (Motril), where you will find the parking at Alhambra.

The lockers are very near and parking at Alhambra has 500 outdoor slots under 24-hour surveillance around the day.

The Main parking lot is 15 mins away (brisk walking ) from Justice Gate.

In the center of Granada city, traffic congestion is higher, which makes it challenging to drive through because of the one-way streets.

So we recommend parking in Granada, near the city center.

Below are the locations of the different parking sites:

Parking Price/ first hour
Alhambra car parking€3
Granada city center parking€1
Albaicin area parking€1
Granada train station parking€2

Alhambra parking info FAQs

How to reach the Alhambra parking area?

From the Granada city center drive through the Granada highway N-323 / A-44 to Ronda Sur (A-395). 

On reaching Camino Viejo del Cementerio, showing directions to park near Alhambra

Located a few meters away from the ticket office and the main entrance is the Alhambra parking area.

Where can the vehicles be parked in Alhambra?

Park your cars, buses, and caravans in the parking space near Alhambra.

There is one separate space allocated for buses and caravans under one parking zone.

The rest of the zones are for car parking only.

Are parking spaces available all the time?

The public parking at Alhambra is open 24*7 for tourist vehicles to park under surveillance.

The total capacity is 500 slots.

The entry gate of the Alhambra parking area displays empty places available for parking.

What is the car parking fee at the Alhambra parking area?

The parking cost at Alhambra palace is 2.35 euros per hour.There are locker facilities available here.

Is it a good idea to park in Granada city and not park near Alhambra?

The Alhambra parking fee is on the costlier side as going around the entire complex takes 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

You can get cheap parking in the center of Granada city and use public transport to reach Alhambra.

Can people with mobility issues use the parking area?

There are four zones in the Alhambra palace parking area for keeping your car.

P4 is closest to the main gate and especially for people with mobility issues, followed by P3, P2, and P1.

This allows every kind of person to visit the historical monument.

What to do if parking space near Alhambra is not available?

The Alhambra parking area has only 500 slots for cars, buses, and caravans.

The parking fees are higher if you park near Alhambra.

We recommend that you park your vehicle in Granada city.

Granada has about 56 car parks, which include public and private ones.

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