8 Essential Alhambra Tips To Remember For Your Visit

Spain is diverse in its geography, culture, and history.

It has attractive beaches, snow-capped mountains, historical monuments of the Moorish era, Renaissance, and contemporary marvels.

Each area in the country has a new story to tell and delves into surreal experiences.

The year-round Spanish fiestas symbolize Spain’s strong social attributes.

Be well-informed and aware of what awaits you there.

Include visiting the Alhambra Palace if you are in southern Spain.

Here are a few tips for the Alhambra visit.

Know the Alhambra basics

Don’t forget to explore the rest of the city for context
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Read a bit of history about Alhambra.

Know its evolution from the sultans, emperors, kings, queens, uprisings, and rebellions.

  • A fort in the 9th century
  • A royal palace since 1238 built by Emperor Ibn el-Ahmar
  • The Renaissance palace during the Catholic monarch Carlos V and later King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel

After several restorations, it stands as a monument of medieval culture.

Sections and their entry

Spread across 35 acres, Alhambra is not a standalone structure.

It has:

  • the Alcazaba – original fort of the Moorish era
  • the Nasrid Palace – royal palace of the Nasrid dynasty
  • the Generalife – garden, and summer palace of the Nasrids
  • the Palace of Carlos V – Renaissance palace of the Catholic monarchs
  • the Royals Baths
  • Alhambra museum

You will see three separate ticket checkpoints for entry.

Nasrid Palace has separate entry tickets and a restricted time for the visit.

Alhambra has several entry gates – the Main Entrance, the Gate of Justice, and the Door of the cars.

From the main entrance, the Generalife palace is closer.

The Nasrid palace, Alcazaba, and the Palace of Carlos V are near the Gate of Justice.

Basics to reach Alhambra

You can choose which mode of transport to use and go to Alhambra.

Located about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from Granada city, you can reach this heritage palace grounds by bus, car, bike, or foot.

Minibusses ply from the city center near the Cathedral.

Taxis and rental cars drop you to Alhambra.

Private cars should take the highway to Ronda Sur A-395 to reach the Alhambra car parking.

Hiking to Alhambra can be an option if you are physically fit to walk uphill.

Buy Alhambra tickets online

Plan your trip ahead so that you can buy Alhambra tickets online as per your choice.

An average of 6600 people get entry on visiting the Alhambra.

For smooth access to the attraction check out the different combinations of tickets and tours.

Entry to Nasrid palace has a specific time as printed on your ticket and allows 300 people per 30 minutes.

Reach the Nasrid palace gate 10 -15 minutes before the scheduled entry time.

Visitors get confused about where to start because of multiple entry checkpoints. 

You need to plan in a way to not miss the specific entry time and gates.

Start with the entry to Nasrid Palace and then move to the Generalife gardens and the Alcazaba worry-free.

Season, time and more

Season, time and more
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Plan your trip during the spring and summer; especially the morning hours to beat the sun.

The gardens bloom and the days are longer.

Winter months have comfortable temperatures in day time but may get chilly in the evenings.

Crowds start coming in at 10 am onwards and the tour ends up in long queues.

Afternoon 3 pm onwards to dusk let you witness the sunset from the hilltop and the lighting around.

The Alhambra walk is about 5 kilometers across the compound and takes about 3 to 4 hours to tour.

Wear weather-appropriate clothes and shoes that are climate-friendly and give extensive walking comfort.

When outdoors in the sun, use sun protection lotion and hats to avoid sunburns.

Carry some snacks and water to get through the day.

Explore your local delicacies

Explore your local delicacies
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Granada has a mixed cuisine that mingled Spanish, Mediterranean, Nasrid, Arab and European flavors.

Around Alhambra, you will find quite a few old traditional food joints that serve authentic local food.

Be it fine dining restaurants or quick-bite eateries, you will get all as per your budget.

Even if you miss taking your snacks, you won’t return empty stomach after visiting the Alhambra.

You must try the local fish caught from the rivers, or the Nasrid-style chicken, salads, and Arabic desserts.

Enjoy the refreshing sangria and locally brewed non-alcoholic beer.

Explore Granada neighborhoods

Explore Granada neighborhoods
Photo by Matteo Bordi on Unsplash

Historical places are all based on context and nothing in isolation.

Visit the historic Albaicín neighborhood with white-washed houses, and alleys

Don’t miss the Jewish town of Realejo that speaks of the Nasrid emperors and their end.

The whole area buzzes with medieval history and woven as one.

Learn their lingo and Spanish culture

Spain is a culture-rich country and its people are a friendly lot. 

You can always exchange pleasantries in Spanish to share a rapport with the locals.

They are straightforward and opinionated.

Don’t get baffled by such conduct.

Granada is famous for its tapas across Spain.

The bars still preserve the tradition of giving free tapas with every drink.

Interact more with the locals and get the real feel of the place.

They tell exciting stories that are unheard of.

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