Alhambra Restaurants

If you are in southern Spain, you must visit some of the best restaurants in Granada with a view of Alhambra.

There are quite a few restaurants near Alhambra that tell Spain’s culinary culture story.

They take inspiration from traditional Andalusian delicacies.

The restaurants near Alhambra Granada feel like dwelling in 13th-century palaces.

After the hour-long walks, refreshment becomes essential before the next plan for the day.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Alhambra and its vicinity to taste some local flavors.

La Mimbre

La Mimbre restaurants
Image: Restaurantelamimbre.es

La Mimbre is one of the renowned eateries in Granada.

They are a family-run restaurant in Alhambra forest, about 300 meters from the fort.

It started in 1890 as a kiosk serving travelers.

It is now one of the oldest restaurants near Alhambra Granada serving dozens of local dishes.

It has a forest-like ambiance created with a tree-shaded terrace.

This restaurant in Alhambra serves varieties of locally flavored dishes and refreshing sangria.

You can also check out Alhambra’s alcohol-free version of the local beer. 

Cuisine: Regional cuisine of Granada, Mediterranean, Spanish, Healthy, and European

Open Hours:  9.30 am to 6 pm

Cost for 2: € 60

Special Diet: Vegetarian friendly
Menu Highlights:
Stewed Oxtail,Fried Broad Beans With Trevélez Ham,Young goat in a garlic sauce,Cod oven baked in “La mimbre” Tomato sauce,Andalusian soup,Omelette ‘La mimbre’,Grilled local fish

Parador De Granada 

Parador de Oropesa
Image: Paradores.es

Built on an old monastery, the Parador De Granada is inside the Alhambra complex.

This restaurant in Alhambra is a sophisticated place and an informal garden cafe.

It is one of the best restaurants in Alhambra allowing guests to eat in the former Nasrid Palace.

The garden cafe serves drinks, tapas, and a variety of dishes in the vine-shaded gardens.

Do not forget to taste their desserts or chill out with Arabic biscuits and green mint tea.

Cuisines: Arab, Spanish, Nasrid

Price for two: €100

Open Hours: 7.30 am-10.30 pm

Special Diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options
Menu Highlights:
Specialties: Nasrid Breua, Remojón Granadino (orange salad with salt-cod flakes, diced orange, boiled eggs, and pitted olives), monkfish in Mozarabic sauce, alpujarreño-style kid, piononos (sweets).Serves alcohol

Restaurante Garnata

Situated in a privileged location opposite the fort complex, it is one of the many best restaurants near Alhambra. 

It is inside the Áurea Washington Irving Hotel.

A few hundred meters away, this eatery basks in the Galician gastronomical flavors.

The ambiance inside echoes the Spanish culture and taste of life.

They serve authentic traditional local flavors with a dash of modern life.

Cuisines: Spanish, Mediterranean

Price for two: €100

Open Hours: 7.30 pm to 11 pm (Monday to Thursday)

1.30 pm to 4 pm and 7.30 pm to 11 pm (Friday to Sunday)

Special Diet: Vegetarian Friendly
Menu Highlights:
Specialties: Garnata-style “remojón” salad with salted cod and orange, The capture of the day from Motril with potatoes and “ajada,” San Pascual pork entrecôte with potatoes and roasted shallots, Oxtail Cannelloni with Montefrieño cheese and cane honey, Grenadian “Piononos” with cinnamon tuile and ice cream.Serves alcohol

Restaurante Mirador Carmen San Miguel

Carmen San Miguel Hotel
Image: Booking.com

One of the best restaurants near Alhambra Granada on a hilltop overlooking Alhambra.

It serves an amazing combination of old and new Andalusian cuisine, setting innovation to another level.

Built on the slopes of Alhambra, it echoes medieval Jewish history and faces the Granada city.

Mirador Carmen San Miguel serves locally-sourced fresh ingredients and traditional family recipes.

Various flavors of gazpacho, and low-temperature cooked monkfish peppered with paprika are delicacies here.

Cuisines: Modern Andalusian, Mediterranean, European and Spanish

Price for two: € 60

Opening Hours: 12.30 pm to 5 pm and 8 pm to 12 midnight (Monday to Saturday)

Special Diet: Vegetarian Friendly
Menu Highlights:
Specialties: Habas en Pelota, Tuna Tataki, Canelón de berenjena y queso de cabra, Cane Sugar and Rum Cake, CSM’s Hot Apple Pie, monkfish peppered with paprika, rabbit with pickled shrimp and musselsServes alcohol

Alhambra restaurants FAQs

At what time is food available near Alhambra?

The various restaurants near Alhambra are open at different times of the day.

It does not matter at what time you reach the fort or finish your tour, you will not leave the place with a hungry stomach.

Is it expensive to eat at restaurants in Alhambra?

The restaurants in Alhambra cater to different types of tourists and their budgets.

There are a few sophisticated eating houses that give the experience of fine dining.

Some others are reasonable and affordable.

What are the local specialties served in the restaurants in Alhambra Granada?

The Grenadian restaurants near Alhambra serve authentic flavored dishes with local ingredients.

These dishes include –
Local grilled fish, ox-tail, Nasrid style chicken, paella, Remojón, and Piononos, Arabic biscuits and desserts, local sangria, and non-alcoholic beer to name a few.

Is it required to reserve a table at the restaurants in Alhambra? 

If you know which restaurants near Alhambra Granada to visit, better to reserve a table.

In case you want to walk in without any reservation, then you may have to wait a bit for that.

Are vegetarian options available at the restaurants in Alhambra?

The few best restaurants in Alhambra serve  vegetarian dishes in local flavors.

A few eateries are giving vegan and gluten-free dishes in the restaurants.

What if we don’t get a place in the restaurants near Alhambra?

Apart from the hilltop ones, there are many other restaurants a little downslope.

Every few meters you would find many local restaurants down to Granada city.

Are hotels available with facilities of restaurants near Alhambra Granada?

Yes, there are a few hotels near the Alhambra complex that have restaurant facilities.

Few include the Parador De Granada and Restaurant Granata inside Áurea Washington Irving.

They are a few meters from the Alhambra fort area.

Featured Image: Muse-Collection.com

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