Alhambra Palace Itinerary, Maps, and Entrances

Alhambra palace complex occupies an area of about 35 acres.

It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to completely visit the palace complex

You must plan the tour and time slot in such a way that you can visit every part of Alhambra.

Book your Alhambra tickets accordingly.

Keep in mind that there are many checkpoints at the several entrances of Alhambra.

Follow any one of these recommended orders for your entry to Alhambra, based on its entrance points:

  • Alcazaba – Nasrid Palace – Generalife
  • Nasrid Palace – Alcazaba – Generalife
  • Generalife – Alcazaba – Nasrid Palace

Once your visit to the Alhambra complex is over, you must visit the Museum of Fine Arts inside the Charles V Palace.

Alhambra Maps

map of alhambra
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Maps of Alhambra and Granada city are available from their official website.

We recommend that you must carry a map and study it thoroughly to make an extensive tour plan. 

Do not go unplanned as there can be a lot of time and energy loss.

Below is a list of maps of Alhambra, Spain. 

These Alhambra maps allow flexibility and a better touring experience while visiting Alhambra Granada.

  1. A general map of Alhambra gives a detailed view of the entire monumental complex that most visitors want. 
  2. A recommended route map of Alhambra gives the routes through which the visitors can tour while visiting the Alhambra Granada
  3. The accessible area map of Alhambra fort allows visitors to move around the complex through the designated routes.

Several restricted areas in the complex are closed for public entry to Alhambra.

  1. While staying in the city and visiting Alhambra Granada, this map gives the various options to reach Alhambra palace
  2. A map for wheelchair-accessible routes is available at the entrance to Alhambra.

People with reduced mobility can use wheelchairs available at the Alhambra main entrance. 

Alhambra entrances

You will see several entrances to the monumental complex on the Alhambra map.

The Alhambra map shows that the palace spreads east to west length-wise.

Entry gates to Alhambra are located on the south and east sides.

Some gates get used more for their proximity to each of the sections inside the complex by visitors than others.  

Below are the three main entry gates of Alhambra:

The Gate of the Justice

Located on the southwestern side of the complex, the Gate of the Justice (Puerta de la Justicia) is the largest entrance to Alhambra. 

Visitors who have already bought their tickets online can enter the complex through this gate. 

The Alcazaba, Nasrid Palace, and the Palace of Charles V are the nearest sections to visit.

Entrance to the Nasrid palace requires a separate entrance fee at Alhambra.

Beautifully hand-carved arch with keystone, visitors adore its beauty.

The Arabic inscriptions and Catholic symbols coexisting speak of the history of Alhambra’s conquests.

Also known as the Gate of the Esplanade (Puerta de la Explanada) because of its vast open area. 

Access Pavillion

Located on the eastern side of the complex, the Access Pavilion or Alhambra main entrance gives access to the parking area.

The Access Pavilion is 600 meters or half a mile from the Gate of Justice.

Close to the Generalife, this gate has a long queue.

For visitors who do not have tickets, you can get them from the ticket office present at the entrance of the Access Pavillion.

The Gate of the Carts

Entry to Alhambra is possible through the Gate of the Carts or the Puerta de los Carros.

Also located towards the southern side, it is in the middle, near the Tower of the Heads (Torre de las Cabezas).

This gate gets used more often by visitors.

Entrance to the Nasrid Palace and the Charles V palace is closest to this entry at Alhambra.

The Museum of Fine Arts is also near this entrance to Alhambra.

Alhambra itinerary, maps, and entrances FAQs

Which Alhambra entrance should I choose?

If you have booked online Alhambra tickets, you can easily enter through the Gate of Justice.

Queues are shorter here compared to the Main entrance or Access Pavilion.

Where is the wheelchair-accessible entry and what is their entrance fee at Alhambra?

Alhambra has specific wheelchair-accessible paths drawn on its maps.

Entry to Alhambra for such visitors is from the main entrance or Access pavilion.

These paths include cobblestone, dirt, and paved paths with inclines at places.

The entrance fee at Alhambra for visitors in wheelchairs is discounted.

Is there free entry at Alhambra?

Alhambra has free access to certain areas in and around the fort area:

The Gate of the Pomegranates
The Fountain of Charles V
Plaza de Los Aljibes.
The Gate of Wine
Museum of the Alhambra
Museum of Fine Arts (free for EU citizens only)

What is the reason behind the Gate of Carts?

Built between the years 1526 and 1536, the Gate of Carts was open in the wall.

Used as the passage of materials for the construction of the Palace of Charles V.
It also mobilized automobile traffic and the guests of the Parador de San Francisco.

What is the average wait time at the entrances of Alhambra?

During peak hours, the average wait time for visitors with tickets is around one hour.

Individuals without tickets may need to wait more at the entry gates of Alhambra.

During non-peak hours, you can enter in about 15 to 30 minutes.

Which entrance to use to enter Alhambra if I already have a ticket?

If you have a pre-booked ticket that has a barcode, use the Gate of Justice entrance by scanning the QR code.

If your ticket does not have a barcode, choose to enter from the Access Pavilion entrance.

What to do for my entrance to the Nasrid palace?

We recommend that you buy tickets online to get the time slot for the Nasrid palace visit.

Separate checks and restricted entry happens at the Nasrid palace.

They allow only 300 people to enter Nasrid palace every 30 minutes to restrict the crowd.

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